Life at Maple Tree

Our Environment


Maple Tree is set in the middle of town, across an expansive campus of 8 acres to provide large space and playground for healthy sporting activities


School environment and campus is designed for a close to nature feel to promote a happy and healthy green environment


Education at The Maple Tree transcends the confines of the classroom walls and the pages of the textbook.


Learning is a joyous process where the teacher and the students will be partners at every step.


At Maple Tree, the worth of each individual is accepted, recognized and appreciated. The social environment will be caring, congenial and conducive to growth.


The school community will seek to recognize the uniqueness of each individual and enable its members to synergize in a manner that enriches community life.


The Maple Tree is a School that has been set up with a definitive purpose of preparing the child of tomorrow a little differently from the child of yesterday. It aims to make a fundamental shift in the way we think about how to teach children. This shift moves from a ‘one size fits all’ approach, to one that appreciates and caters to the needs and uniqueness of every individual child in order to unlock their potential.


208, Kashiram, Dimapur, Nagaland - 797112

(03862) 248323