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Welcome to Maple Tree School

The maple tree is prized for its cool summer shade, its beautiful wood grain, its red fall foliage, and its delightful sap. It can weather many a storm by sending its roots deep. The maple spends its days absorbing nutrients from the earth and the sun, and drinking moisture from nature’s bounty. The cold winter nights are essential for the tree to be able to produce its sweet syrup in the spring. But the cold winter nights doesn’t hurt the maple because it has stored nutrients in its trunk.

Our programs

Early Program

nursery to UKG

Our Early Program nurtures young minds through play-based learning, focusing on social, emotional, and cognitive development. Children engage in activities that stimulate curiosity and creativity, laying a strong foundation for future learning.


grade 1 to 4

The Primary Program builds on basic skills, emphasizing literacy, numeracy, and critical thinking. Students are encouraged to explore their interests through interactive lessons and hands-on projects, fostering a love for learning.


grade 5 to 8

Our Intermediate Program enhances academic skills and introduces students to more complex concepts. We emphasize critical thinking, problem-solving, and independent learning, preparing students for the challenges of higher education.


grade 9 to 12

The Senior Program prepares students for college and beyond, offering a rigorous curriculum that includes advanced coursework and skill development. We focus on academic excellence, leadership, and personal growth to ensure students are ready for future success.

What makes us different

Proven curriculum for all ages

Our curriculum is designed to meet the unique needs of every student, ensuring comprehensive growth and development.

Healthy & safe classroom setting

We prioritize a safe and healthy environment, fostering a space where students feel secure and supported.

Fun learning environment

Learning at The Maple Tree School is engaging and enjoyable, promoting curiosity and a lifelong love of learning.

Experienced teachers

Our dedicated and experienced teachers are committed to guiding each student towards academic and personal success.

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